Employment Verification Guide

Employment Verification Guide

Employment verification is REQUIRED for all recipients of the West Virginia Nursing Scholarship Program. It is vital that all recipients submit annual verification to the West Virginia Center for Nursing to ensure compliance with the terms of their promissory notes.

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If you change jobs while completing your service obligation, you will need to submit TWO employment verification forms:

      • one from your former employer and will include your employment end date
      • one from your new employer showing your employment start date

Documentation supplies should indicate less than a two-week gap of employment. If there is greater than a two week gap, your service obligation will be extended by an amount equivalent to the gap in employment up to 6 months. If the gap in employment is greater than 6 months, you may be required to repay the award.

We are unable to call employment verification services to verify your employment at specific employment facilities because we are not registered with these services. Additionally, many of these verification services cite out of state locations when a healthcare facility is owned by a larger corporation. We must verify the specific work site location to verify your service.

The West Virginia Center for Nursing will send you email reminders of when you need to submit employment verification forms to the last email address we have on record. If you are unsure of what email address is on record, please email the Center at nursing@wvhepc.edu to update your record.



You have two methods for completing and submitting your employment verification form. Prior to selecting which option works best for you, please read the descriptions to understand which option is best for you. 

    • An electronic form that allows you to input your supervisor's email address to be automatically sent to them for completion. This form will send you notifications once the form has been completed by your supervisor and submitted to the West Virginia Center for Nursing. All parts of this form are automated so once you complete your section of the form, there is no need for additional action from you unless your supervisor does not sign off on the form in a timely manner. To access the electronic form, click here:

                  Electronic Employment Verification Form

    • A fillable PDF form that allows you to print out the form, have a supervisor fill out their section and      requires that you submit the form via email or fax once it has been completed. Using this option is not automated and requires additional steps on your part to ensure submission of the employment verification form. To access this fillable PDF, click here:

                  Fillable PDF Employment Verification Form