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Education Tools

Nurse Residency Program Model

35% - 60% of new nurses change jobs within their first year of employment. New nurses frequently report that they begin practice feeling the need for more training. Our Nurse Residency Program Model is a guide for health care agencies who are interested in looking at new methods of addressing recruitment and retention. The model includes a series of documents and presentations that form a program to smoothly transition an employed, newly graduated RN into the practice of professional nursing.

Nursing Residency Program Model Materials:

Whenever this model is put into action, we ask that credit be given to the Center for Nursing for its development. Moving forward, if you gather any data to demonstrate the effects of your recruitment and retention, please share it with us so we may use the information to inform the growth and success of this model for other institutions. Any data we keep on file will remain anonymous to the public unless you give us permission to connect the information to your institution.

This model is available for you to download and revise as needed. We are here to assist you if you need help implementing the program.

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