About Clinical Scheduling

The Clinical Scheduling Program

The Clinical Scheduling Program is an online scheduling program designed to identify and maximize the number of available clinical rotation sites and avoid scheduling overlaps for nursing program student rotations. It was created by the West Virginia Center for Nursing and is supported by WVNET.

The program is used by:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics
  • Other clinical sites that provide nursing student clinical experience opportunities
  • Nursing program directors and instructors

Nursing program instructors access the online program to schedule dates and times for student rotations. The West Virginia Center for Nursing hosts overlap meetings where nursing programs resolve overlaps in scheduling two times per year (April and October).

The program is currently in use in West Virginia Workforce Region 1 and 3 and is available for implementation in other workforce regions around the state.

Workforce Regions

How Do I Get Clinical Scheduling In My Region?

In order to implement the clinical scheduling tool in other Workforce Regions, the users from clinical agencies and nursing schools must be identified and added to the tool. The clinical rotation sites must also be added and logins must be provided to nursing programs to schedule students.

Interested in seeing a demonstration or learning more? Contact Jordyn Reed at 304.558.0838 or jordyn.reed@wvhepc.edu