When You Graduate

In order to comply with the service obligation requirements associated with your Nursing Scholarship Program, you must verify your employment as a nurse working or teaching nursing in West Virginia in order to avoid repayment.   The terms as outlined in the Promissory Note you signed requires continued employment in West Virginia after graduating (two years for every year awarded).

Please complete and return the “CON Employment Verification Form”.   You have six months from your graduation date to locate qualifying employment.  Both you and your employer must complete the form and return it within this time period.

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your nursing career!

Scholarship Program Changes

We are pleased to direct you to the new West Virginia Center for Nursing Scholarship Program Application and Program Overview.

The application deadline is June 1 even if you are applying for only the Fall or only the Spring semester.  When applying for Fall/Spring, you will no longer be required to reapply, your school can verify that you remain in good standing for the Spring semester.


2016-2017 Nursing Scholarship Program Overview

Welcome new board members

The West Virginia Center for Nursing is pleased to announce the Governor’s appointment and reappointment of board members!

Newly appointment board members to the West Virginia Center for Nursing are:

Brenda Mason representing BSN and higher degree programs, Greg Chiartas, representing the WV LPN Board of Examiners, Ron Moore, representing Directors of Nursing, Gerald Bragg, representing practicing LPNs, and two citizen members:  Leah Salyers and Frank Mace.  Rachel Bowman is appointed ex officio representing Workforce West Virginia.

New members join reappointed members:  Pam Alderman, representing Associate degree nursing programs, Shelia Kyle,representing the WV Nurses Association, Mary Beth Barr, Rural Health care facilities, Cynthia Persily, Health Care Administrator, Cheryl Basham, practicing registered nurse and Connie Cantrell, ex officio representing the Department of Health and Human Services.

Thank you for your service and welcome, we are looking forward to an exciting and productive year!