Recruitment. Retention. Collaboration


The West Virginia Center for Nursing improves the health and healthcare of all West Virginians through strategic nursing workforce planning and development.


The West Virginia Center for Nursing will be a national leader in the development and implementation of strategies to support the education, recruitment and retention of qualified nurse professionals for and in the State of West Virginia.

Strategic Priorities

Establish a statewide strategic plan to address the nursing shortage in West Virginia.

Collect, evaluate and disseminate data regarding nurse availability and shortage areas.

Establish and maintain a website to disseminate information about the center and its mission, and educational opportunities and financial aid available in West Virginia.

Evaluate capacity for expansion of nursing programs, including the availability of faculty, clinical laboratories, computers and software, library holdings and supplies.

Consult with and advise the commission regarding the commission’s administration of the nursing scholarship program designed to benefit nurses who practice in hospitals and other health care institutions or teach in state nursing programs as provided in section four, article three, chapter eighteen-c of this code.

Maintain an active Board of Directors of WV Center for Nursing consistent with §30-7B-4.

Report to LOCHHRA and LOCEA on progress of statewide strategic plan to address the nursing shortage in WV and other issues relevant to the practice of nursing.