Data & Reports

  • Volume of RN’s by state and region; growth counts for RN’s 2000 – 2010; Data on employment status by region; RN demographics Download file
  • Volume of APNs by state and region; Data on employment status Download file
  • Annual accomplishments; Recommendations for future work; Data on employment, aging workforce investment areas, APNs, CRNAs, NPs, Nursing Education, Public Health Nurses; Report on strategic planning Download file
  • Annual accomplishments; Recommendations for future work; Data on practice patterns, employment, aging workforce and workforce investment areas; Data on nursing education applications, admissions and faculty Download file
  • Full Report 2016 Nursing Faculty Survey Results Faculty Survey 2016
  • Outlines the pathways to take to advance education and certifications as well as connecting which WV schools provide which types of degrees / certifications Download file
  • Reports on vacancy and turnover rates for nursing workforce as well as median wages for WV and surrounding states; Also reports on corresponding numbers for nursing faculty Download file
  • Guide through the different types of nursing and nursing-related careers, educational pathways to consider, time requirements, source of financial aid and a full school directory Download file